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California Medicare Advantage

Understanding the California Medicare advantage program can be pretty easy.  The tough part is knowing what you are getting from the plans you are researching.  At CaliforinaMedicareAdvantage.com we are dedicated to helping people find the right Medicare Advantage California plan for their needs.  You can get a set of quotes by filling out the form on this page or keep reading to learn more about California Medicare Advantage Plans.

What is a California Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage has gone by a few different names but ultimately the plans are a private health insurance policy that is subsidized by the money that would have been spent for traditional California Medicare coverage.  The advantage to these plans is that you have a wide variety to choose from.  So you can get a much more customized plan than what you get with traditional Medicare which is a one size fits all kind of insurance philosophy.  Many of the Medicare Advantage California plans also include prescription drug coverage so you do not have to get a separate policy like you would with traditional Medicare.  The plans are still highly regulated by the government so you know that you will at least receive the same amount of coverage that you would with Medicare Part A and Part B.

Are there Disadvantages to Medicare Advantage California Plans?

While it is a strength that you have a bunch of different California Medicare Advantage plans it is also a weakness.  Since there are so many options people frequently get confused if they are not receiving help from a good agent.   By working with the agents at CaliforniaMedicareAdvantage.com you are working with someone who knows California and has years of experience with all of the Medicare Advantage companies that are available in California.  Since we are an independent agent we are not tied down to any one insurance company and can look at your needs to match up the best Medicare Advantage California policy for your needs.  For someone who wants to travel we can make sure you plan will cover you wherever you are going.  If someone is staying in town then we can match them up with a network that meets that need.  Even if you are low income we may be able to match you up with a California Medicare Advantage plan that costs you little to nothing out of pocket.  No matter what Medicare Advantage California plan you need our team will make sure to match that need with the appropriate company and policy.  You can get started by filling out the form on this page and if you have any questions or if there is any way we can server you please let us know.

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