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California Medicare

California Medicare plans are pretty simple to understand once you get down to the nuts and bolts and stop wading through the mountain of mail that you have been getting.  To get the best picture of Medicare in California we will look at the parts, and the plans.

Parts of Medicare California

There are four parts to CA Medicare and they are each labeled with a letter: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.  Parts A, B, and D all work together to provide what we call traditional Medicare.  Part A is for hospital insurance or insurance that you use when you have a major health issue.  Part B is for doctor’s visits and outpatient care, and Part D is for covering prescription drug costs.  Part C is not really a part of the traditional Medicare program at all so we will cover that in the next section.

California Medicare Plans

Now that you understand the parts let’s talk about the plans.  Medicare California Part A and Part B have very specific coverage gaps that can cause you to pay some serious money out of pocket.  In order to help seniors cover those costs more efficiently Medicare supplement plans were created (also called Medigap plans).  These plans help fill the gaps and provide more comprehensive coverage for anyone on Medicare in California.  There are ten plans in all and each one covers a different number of the CA Medicare gaps.  If this was the option you came here looking for then you can use the form on this page to get you started.

Since I know you were sitting in your seat pondering, “What is Part C?” we will answer that here.  Part C is a program called Medicare Advantage.  Instead of going with the traditional California Medicare plans you choose to get a private insurance policy that is subsidized by your Medicare California coverage.  This gives you many more CA Medicare options and you can get a plan that works just right for you.  There are even plans that have no monthly premiums.  This is a great option for someone looking to complete their coverage from Medicare in California.

At CaliforniaMedicareAdvantage.com we are dedicated to helping you find the best California Medicare plans and parts for your needs.  We are an independent agent so we work for you and not for any of the Medicare California insurance companies.  If you have any questions about CA Medicare or if there is any way we can serve your needs for Medicare in California please let us know.

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